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Belly Dancing Outdoors!

Come join us in a celebration in honor of the Summer Solstice… the longest day of the year bringing us warming light to embrace and enjoy.

We’ll meet at High Park (a meet up point will be communicated prior to the event) for a unique and fun evening where we will be greeted with refreshments and join in a powerful grounding exercise, followed by group mediation, and a light warm-up as we prepare our bodies for the sensual movements of the ancient art of Belly Dancing!

Belly dancing is the sensual, ancient art form hailing from Egypt and Gypsies from India and the Middle East. In this workshop the basic movements will be demonstrated and practiced and we will close with an embodiment practice. Wear comfortable clothes, and feel free to bring anything of beauty that makes you feel extra special. Flowing veils and hip scarves will be provided.

Because this event is being held on the summer solstice, we encourage you to bring something sacred for an altar as we celebrate the new season with loving intention; maybe a favorite crystal, or feather or a trinket that has special meaning.

Anna Wrona is excited to share with you what she has learned about belly dancing as it has been a monumental tool in her own personal healing journey. Her love affair with this dance began in 2003. She immersed herself in this practice for several years, studying at I Dream Studios, which she later taught at, and completed a belly dance Immersion Course at Arabesque. Anna has also taught belly dancing at Fitness One studio inside Dufferin Mall and the Wholistic Care Center. Today Anna performs and teaches at private events such as bridal showers, goddess gatherings and birthday parties. She is also in the process of creating an online belly dancing class which will be released next year.

Cost for the event is $15 dollars. You can pay in advance @, or the day of the event.

Looking forward to sharing this evening with all of you! Event page is here.


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