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   Belly Dancing For Your Next Event



“It was an absolute pleasure having Anna perform at our annual Spring Fling event. She was fabulous, beautiful and mesmerizing and I was so happy that Anna was able to engage the crowd.”   

~ Celine Passenaud


“Your dancing was spectacular.  You truly have a gift!"   

~ Michelle McRowan


“The ladies at the Redwood…they LOVED the belly dancing!  They were so happy. Thank you again.”  

~Sunita Pidair


"We invited Anna to a bridal shower for 30 women. When she arrived, she greeted us with a warm smile, and a friendly and accommodating attitude. She delivered an excellent performance, and subsequently provided a lesson. The room transformed from conversations to fluid hips and dancing scarves, engaging both the young and old. She inspired a room of laughter and youthful energy. We were very pleased with the whole experience, and would definitely recommend Anna in the future.”    ~Jennie


“We had the pleasure of having Anna perform a belly dance at our party and all we can say is "wow"! Anna was absolutely amazing and our guests were very impressed by her talent and confidence. She looked absolutely beautiful. If you're looking for something unique to add to your party or event that will surely impress your guests, I highly recommend having Anna come perform a belly dance for you.”   

~ Belle C.

"I really enjoyed Anna's performance at my birthday party. I love how professional and on time she always is. Her dance was beautiful and sensual. The guests were very happy and it made my party a much better experience for everyone.  They also loved participating and we all had a lot of fun. Thank you Anna for a magical experience. You were gorgeous!"   

~ Anna Sienicka

"Working with Anna is always a pleasure.  She is kind, compassionate and knowledgeable!  She holds her energy in high vibes while she teaches on any of her many areas of expertise!  Having her conduct regular energy movement sessions via belly dancing for our company has been a game changer!  Everyone loves it and is greatly benefiting from moving their bodies in all the natural ways!  After a session, I feel more energized, joyful, peaceful, grateful and healthier!  All the kinks, aches and stiffness from sitting at a desk and stress goes away and my body moves freely!  This is a magical secret to physical and mental health!  A huge gratitude to Anna and all she does!"

~ Heather Lee Chapman

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Belly Dancing is fun and good for you too! Unique to Anna Wrona's Boutique!

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