How It All Began


These products were born by a growing demand from my clients.  After receiving a holistic facial, many would ask me what I recommended for their skin and/or hair.  I began creating blends for my clients to use between facials to maintain the health of their skin.  They loved the products so much and began to recommend them to their friends and before I knew it, I had a regular stream of customers requesting these.  It is my pleasure to be able to offer them now to you.

A blend of pure essential oils in a base of nut and seed oils specially formulated to balance and nourish the delicate facial tissues of all skin types.

A blend of pure essential oils in a base of nut and seed oils specially formulated to promote healthy hair growth, strengthen the hair shaft and moisturize the scalp tissues.

A delightful and potent blend of organic and wild crafted dried flower petals to pamper your passion and pleasure portal.  Use with a sacred (vaginal or yoni) steam.  Delicate enough to also be used for a facial steam.

An edible blend of foods and botanicals specially formulated to remove dirt, pollution and dead skin cells by cleansing and nourishing the pores of all skin types.  Gentle enough to be used daily if required.

Making perfumes is one of my favourite things to do.  The intoxicating scents take me away to another time, a distant place ~ exotic, sensual and divine.  The recipes come from within and are totally organic.  The nose knows exactly what it likes!  With a hint of intuition and a splash of creativity ~ voila ~ an essence that pleases the senses and nurtures the soul.

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