Let Your Radiant Skin Shine Through


Experience for yourself the delightful pampering of one of my holistic facials. Your skin will get the proper nourishment it so desperately craves to maintain its youthfulness and luster.


Treat yourself to skin care the way nature intended using the finest of ingredients that work with the cells to balance, harmonize, rejuvenate, & revitalize the delicate skin of the face and neck.


Pure plant essences and extracts mixed

with nourishing seed and nut oils create an intoxicating bouquet for your senses to rejoice in. Your skin will definitely

thank you.

"Exquisite - lovely, relaxing facial."

"Check out Wholistic Care Center for AN AMAZING ORGANIC FACIAL. I just received one from Anna Wrona and my skin feels oh so soft and supple. She has such a gentle touch and she analyzed, cleansed, steamed, extracted, masked, rinsed, moisturized my skin until it glowed. While I had the mask on she gave me an arm and scalp massage. I was in a state of bliss and relaxation. Check her out…you will not be disappointed."  

~ Sunita Pidair ~ CEO of WORK SAFE Training Inc.  www.worksafetraining.ca

"I am very sensitive to personal energy - I work as a TCM acupuncturist in energy medicine.  Anna has so much warmth and positive Qi to give.  It is also very important for me to feel passion and commitment from practitioners for their healing arts – the natural products she creates and uses in her practice are the proof of this passion. My skin is happy and my soul is relaxed."

~ Gosia Pacyna ~ R.TCMP/R.Ac    www.AcupunctureInToronto.com

"I work out in the elements. The cold and wind takes its toll on my skin. Before the holistic facial with Anna my skin was dry, irritated and blotchy. During the treatment I experienced relaxation. I enjoyed the massage and I liked the exfoliation. The products were awesome, especially the second mask which made my skin tingle. Now my skin is glowing. It still feels nice and smooth several days after the facial. My skin is no longer red and angry. Thank you Anna for the serum you custom made for me. It is really helping my skin…it took it’s time but well worth it!"

~ Andrea Anderson ~ Client Care at Carriage Ridge Resort

"What and incredible space! I received a luxurious wholistic facial from Anna Wrona yesterday, heaven for the senses!  Aromatherapy combined with rich, natural skin products, applied with the healing touch of Anna’s.  I highly recommend.  Thanks so much."

~ Agnieszka Tarnawska ~ Artist & Designer, founder of AGA AZRA   www.agaazra.com

"Thanks you so much Anna, for the beautiful experience of a facial with you. Your loving spirit and commitment to giving the best experience put me in such a place of relaxation and peace. And oooh the exquisite aromas… I was going to write to say thank you the day after, but I am so glad I waited. Because for the several days after, I looked so beautiful. My skin was glowing and everyone kept telling me how beautiful I looked! I can’t wait to get another facial with you. Thanks again…"

~ Sandra Manson ~ Independant Business Representative

"I had the pleasure of receiving one of Anna's deluxe holistic facials at the Wholistic Care Center.  What an amazing experience!!!  She not only made my skin glow and return it to a healthy look, she also created a beautiful and relaxing experience.  During this 1.5 hour facial I received hand, arm, neck, face and scalp massages. I was infused with beautiful aromas from her unique essential oil blends.  I got two masks, an eye treatment, pimple extractions and other things that I don't know what they were as my eyes were closed.  Anna told me afterwards she used colour light therapy on my face.  I also listened to divine music and enjoyed drinking a medicinal tea that she prepared for me. From now on, I will happily refer my clients to her as I know they will feel very satisfied and bring their moms, sisters and friends to experience this amazing treatment, too. Thank you Anna!"

~ Anna Sienicka ~ Registered Homeopath   www.AnnaSienicka.com

"Oh, I'm so sad it's over.  That was amazing, Anna!"

"I must admit I was not certain about going to a facial with someone whom I don't know. I was told - "be careful with who you go to for facial"... I decided to take the chance. It turned out, Anna is exceptional at what she does and it goes beyond just facial. I recently had been faced with a lot of stress in my life - it showed on my face. After the session, my face looked like it lifted. I felt a "shift" and the stress just melted away. I highly recommend and will definitely come back. Anna sincerely cares about helping others and that is what separates her from many others. You will have a glow when you walk out."          ~ Bernadette                                                                                 

"She was very warm and kind, the experience was lovely (especially the scalp massage)and my skin felt smooth and looked lovely clear afterwards."         ~  Heili                         


"The best facial I've ever had! I loved that the massage was such an integral part of the facial. Anna really relieves and eliminates tension, which makes the results of the facial that much more fantastic. My skin has been glowing for nearly a week, and it's tone is much more even. I'll be coming back for sure."   ~ Alice Donoghue


"Great experience and great facial, Anna is lovely."  ~ Chloe Wade


"Loved it."     ~ Francesca P.


"This was by far the best facial I’ve ever had. Anna made me feel welcome and relaxed from the moment I arrived. She was professional, and has clearly been doing this for years. Totally impressed! I’d recommend this not just for the facial, but for the incredible neck, shoulder and scalp massage that is included in the service. I felt like a new person when I left."    ~ Emily M.


"Anna is just awesome! She is so friendly and she knows exactly what she is doing! The whole process was very pleasant and relaxing! I will definitely come again!"   ~ Ouliana K.

"Anna was very friendly and welcoming, she used excellent, natural products and there was a lot of very relaxing massage as part of the facial. Highly recommended! "       ~ Mina                                                     


"Thanks very much for a marvelous facial last Wednesday evening. My skin still feels great, and honestly has never looked better." ~ Alice              


"Thank you!  That was incredible."


"Anna’s 1 hour holistic facial was very relaxing and I enjoyed the stimulating massages that she did. My skin felt very tingly and rejuvenated afterwards. Thanks Anna...you truly have that healing touch."  ~Angela Rosati

"Last night, I had the juiciest pleasure of receiving a Holistic Facial by the most beautiful and enchanting Goddess Anna Wrona at the Wholistic Care Center! Having my skin bathed in the most exotic organic oils, breathing in blissful healing, moaning with pure delight…I feel that much more radiant today and I thank you Anna for sharing your magic with me!"   ~ Shannon Glashton


"This was my first time with Anna. Her place has a very warm and comforting atmosphere, I never feel like I am a client but more so, a friend. Anna's pure products made my skin glow and I felt refreshed. Her warm nature and magical fingers will unwind and relax you! Anna will definitely make you feel beautiful!"  ~  Reshma Modi


"Thank you for sharing your talent with me and giving me such an amazing facial.  My skin feels amazing…it’s hydrated, supple, rejuvenated, and vibrant.  I am looking forward to our next time so I can experience the light treatment as well."   ~ Vesna M.


“This facial was a wonderful, profoundly relaxing experience, complemented by a great scalp and upper body massage.  It was a complete sensory experience as I was surrounded by pleasant smells, textures and sounds.  The products used smelled delicious, and the atmosphere in the room was so soothing that it was hard to leave after the treatment.  I highly recommend it!”  ~ Terry H.


"I wanted to get this facial for someone I love who’s done a lot for me and the reason I chose to gift them in this way was because of the experience I had with you at the Skin Care Party.  I’ve had facials before but I didn’t have it quite this way.  To me I felt like those women were just doing a job, whereas I felt like you doing this facial for me, it was like a love session because it was like you radiated love that comes from within you onto my skin that goes into my heart.  I came out of this mini-facial feeling so incredibly loved and so card for."   ~ Geron Lee







"I had a holistic facial with Anna last night and all I can say is.. If you are looking for a way to treat yourself please go see this woman! The experience was completely beyond my expectations. It was an exquisite feast of delicious scents, combined with wonderfully relaxing massage and a delightful ambience. I had the most restful sleep after and my skin feels so soft! Thank you so much Anna 💗 P.s. Vegan friends... All products used are vegan and not tested on animals."    ~   Daniela Tripodi                                                         


"A holistic facial with Anna is a skin care experience unlike any other... everything, from the room to the music and ingredients and techniques used, is designed with your ultimate wellbeing in mind. The touch of her hands is wonderfully healing and soothing, and she also applies it to your scalp and upper body.  I would highly recommend treating yourself to this deeply rejuvenating experience!"  ~  S'ya B.


"I had the most amazing facial yesterday from Anna Wrona. Anna has a wonderful nurturing touch and makes the facial a magical treatment – the passion she brings radiates throughout. I really enjoyed the quality natural products she uses. The scalp, neck, shoulder and arm massage was fantastic and deeply relaxing. Thank you Anna!   I strongly recommend everyone experience a facial from Anna. I’m looking forward to my next facial!!"       ~  Jolanta W.     


"The simplicity and naturalness, the joyful and yet relaxed attitude as well as the homey atmosphere.  And above all, it is the seeming invisible that matters most.  Thank you so much for the great, nourishing facial, Anna."        ~ Diana B.   


"Anna is wonderful, so simple and natural and kind and really doing a very good facial with products that ooze of naturalness. I felt so good, inhaling those magic scents and knowing good things are being used on my skin. The scalp and arm massage was a nice surprise, and very pleasant. I felt in very good hands and had great vibes from start to finish."          ~ Diana                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

"That was the
most epic facial
I've ever had."
"Loved it so much instantly booked an appointment for my husband." 
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