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Energy Clearing Testimonials


"I had a cathartic and powerful session with Anna this afternoon. The releases made me sob in relief as I felt life-long beliefs get acknowledged and cleared away. Then, when new, healthy and positive beliefs were introduced to me, I found myself smiling at each one; some even made me laugh out loud, in that belly-laugh kind of way, which comes with a weight being lifted from one's heart. It was an intense experience, simple yet reaching deeply, and I know it'll really help me moving forward more easily, to where I wish to go.  Thank you, Anna. I would definitely recommend booking a session with her!"   

~ Bella V. Vid


"Mind blowing!"

"This morning I had a powerful and profound Subconscious Release Technique session with Anna Wrona, her warm presence is such a gift! She intently listened to everything I shared, and intuitively took me on an amazing journey of deep clearing, with energetic shifts that I could instantly feel. We were able to clear blockages and all kinds of emotions, from fear, anger, resentment, irritation, sadness, anxiety, guilt, pain, grief, judgement and so much more. I thank you Anna from the depth of my heart for your guidance and support. I am happy, thankful and grateful!"   

~ Shannon Glashan

"I recently had a life coaching session with Anna....such a powerful transformation has taken place within me. I could not be more grateful for this divinely timed gift in my life. I feel so renewed and heart wide open for this next chapter in my life!
Next time I plateau...I am calling Anna! 5 stars"   

~ Nicole

"Feeling really, really great today!!!  Like noticeably different.  Tons of energy running home from my workout, serious adrenaline that I have not felt for years."     

~ Leah

"Infinite thanks for taking the time to guide me through such a powerful healing session yesterday.

I was not expecting certain emotions to arise, but you helped me acknowledge and release them, and what's more important fill up that space with gratitude, joy, empowerment and love.

To empower another, is to empower yourself. 

To celebrate another, is to celebrate yourself. 

And to free another, is to free yourself.

Thank you for being you and for the wonderful work you are doing.

You are a beautiful gift to this world and I am so lucky and grateful to have you in my life."  

~ Vesna

"Good morning, Anna. I had a few amazing days after our session. I went to the washroom a lot on the day after and I feel like decluttering my apartment. I feel lighter and like nothing is really a big deal. Because nothing really is :) Thank you 💜"   

~ Soraya


"I feel like in the last few days since our session, the clarity of what was emotionally weighing on me and the reprogramming we did really opened up the creative flow and my receptivity.
The grieving for and being able to move past what was weighing on me, specifically, and the huge amount of introspection I've been doing lately, just give me so much clarity into what I desire/am manifesting next, in life and in relationships, that I feel ready to move towards them. Totally unexpected, but I'm just going with my flow. I am realizing now, your session really helped with all of it. Thank you again, so much."   

~ Bella

"Today I had much needed clearing session with Anna. I liked how she used her intuition and was guided to clear few blocks that were hidden deep in the subconscious.  After the clearing I felt light and open. I'm excited to see what happens next. I feel like I'm at the completely new level and everything is possible. Thank you Anna!"   

~ Anna Sienicka

"Several months ago I worked with Anna Wrona as a coach to support me with clearing subconscious beliefs that were holding me back from moving ahead smoothly in business and in life.  Anna used a technique that directly addressed my subconscious mind to help weed out beliefs that were holding me back and through the gentle art of autosuggestion, replace them with new life-affirmation beliefs.

Did it work? Well several months later I have been able to make several big, positive changes to my business in a very synchronistic way.  These changes definitely involved going outside of my regular comfort zone and people were surprised at how fast I was able to execute them.

I believe working with Anna had something to do with catalyzing the positive changes for me.

I also liked working with Anna because she is extremely gentle, intuitive and non-judgemental (sometimes the subconscious beliefs that came up felt embarrassing) but I always felt comfortable being authentic with her. 

She is multi-talented, humble, intuitive and client-focused.  A wonderful support to help you effectively navigate through transitions and transformations.

Highly recommend working with her if you have the opportunity." 

~ Monica Black

"Hey readers!!

My experience of my session with the beautiful goddess Anna Wrona is absolute peace of mind, ALIVENESS and Power!

I was completely shocked with the results I had and the power within myself, the confident woman in me came shining through. I believe strongly the effect will develop on a deeper level beyond what I feel now and continue to grow stronger.

Thank you Ania for your time, your love for unlocking people's true power and freedom and all that you are xo Forever will I be grateful for your kind heart ❤️"   

~ Ashley Snowball

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