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The AromaTouch Technique benefits the body by bringing it into a more consistent state of homeostasis, resiliency and adaptability!


The AromaTouch Technique is an empowering tool to help anyone and everyone. No matter what you may be going through - whether it’s emotional challenges, physical difficulties, or both - the power of caring touch, combined with pure aromatherapy, offers connection and gentle nourishment to the soul.

The AromaTouch Technique draws on human biology and physiology, the chemistry of essential oils, and their safe and appropriate application. It has resulted in a powerful, safe, and reliable way to begin receiving the benefits of essential oils for stress reduction, supporting the body's systems, lessening inflammation and bringing you to a more consistent state of balance.

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The relaxing aromas of Balance and Lavender address the first systemic constant: chronic stress. When combined with soothing, rhythmic touch, dōTERRA Balance enhances the connection between the giver and receiver, and Lavender calms the mind and body. This can help the person receiving the technique release stress and respond to stressors in a healthier way.

Now that the foundation of relaxation is set with the combination of touch and essential oils, the focus can turn to bringing the body back to that desired state of support and resilience. To accomplish this, we use Tea Tree and dōTERRA On Guard, which were chosen for their ability to fortify the body and support the immune system.

The next two essential oils in the lineup are heavy hitters when it comes to soothing: AromaTouch and Deep Blue. Both essential oils help soothe muscles and bring the body one step closer to that desired state of adaptability by encouraging a decrease in inflammation.

After bringing emotional and physical harmony to the body, Wild Orange and Peppermint are used at the close of the AromaTouch Technique to help reenergize and invigorate the body.  Some of you will feel ready to take on the world, while others will feel calm and peaceful. It’s incredible that, depending on what’s needed, essential oils can produce different results.

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