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One Shift Method

"a very specific yet gentle approach to “trigger training” – you don’t realize how much the body unconsciously stores until you’ve had the opportunity to unpack it on a metaphysical level."


The One Shift Method™ is a powerful new personal empowerment process that quickly and easily takes you from where you are to where you want to be with whatever is triggering you — whether it's something from the past, the present or even something you're worried about in the future.

It's a simple yet powerful 3-part framework that guides you step-by-step to release emotional charge, deactivate ego programs, connect to your truth and establish new neural pathways in the brain — no matter how long you've been struggling or how raw your feelings may be.

With the One Shift Method™ you can finally set yourself free in a way that’s fast, fun, efficient and gets dramatic results, without spending years in therapy, a fortune on coaching programs, or being dragged through painful past hurts and traumas to do it.

Here's what some clients had to say after going through the One Shift Method with me:

"It really is quite powerful."

"I feel like a weight has been lifted, literally!"


"I feel very relaxed now."


"It just feels great, like everything is at peace. The physical sensation that usually resides in my stomach, its just not there. Everything feels lighter, even my head feels lighter. There was happiness and space was opened up."


"I feel's different now.  I think it helped me a lot.  Thank you for this experience.  I feel it's going to change my life."


"I've got goosebumps.  This is such a good experience.  It had a good pace to it, I didn't get stuck in uncomfortable places and there was enough time to think about it without overanalyzing it.  That piece is fundamental.  I feel so relaxed now and I feel less worked up about it.  You made it safe.  Honestly, you're going to change the world."

"This was really good.  I feel a BIG difference!  I feel like I'm lighter, and smiling lighter and bigger."

"I was having an issue with a relationship.  I finally had an epiphany, I suddenly had this feeling that I have no power, I feel powerlessness, like I have no voice. I was even losing my voice, the stress was so high.  So I went through this session with Anna and it's pretty fascinating.  It just takes you down deeper and deeper, where you're answering questions very honestly.  I had no idea that I had this block and that this thing was keeping me trapped in a certain mindset.  It gave me a lot of clarity as to what was keeping me trapped, and although this is only a part of the journey, it's a pretty big piece of the puzzle."


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Energy Exchange

Sessions are $99 an hour, billed by the minute!  A typical session can range anywhere from 45 minutes to 2+ hours.

Package of 3 sessions ~ $88 an hour, billed by the minute!

Package of 5 sessions ~ $77 an hour, billed by the minute!

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