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Sensational Skin Serum Benefits & Ingredients


Evening primrose oil ~ beneficial for all skin types, especially aging skin; rich in linoleic acid, polyunsaturated fatty acids and GLA    (gamma linoleic acid.)

Rosehip oil ~ rich in essential fatty acids; high in antioxidants; penetrates to deep layers of skin; stimulates collagen production; nourishes, rehydrates and moisturizes skin; heals age spots, hyperpigmentation and scars; smooths fine lines and wrinkles; improves skin tone and texture; protects against sun exposure; promotes skin regeneration.

Borage oil ~ restores skin’s suppleness and elasticity; moisturizing, prevents acne.

Sunflower oil ~ beneficial for all skin types; contains vitamins A & D.

Carrot seed oil ~ wound healing, skin regenerator; treats broken capillaries and aging skin; astringent and toning effects.

Sea buckthorn oil ~ high in Vitamins E, C, A, antioxidants and omega three fatty acids; promotes skin hydration, elasticity and regeneration; helps treat and prevent acne; moisturizes and nourishes skin; soothing for rosacea.

Wheatgerm oil ~ rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants; beneficial for dry and problematic skin; heals scar tissue; regenerates skin.

Tamanu oil ~ powerful skin regenerator; promotes formation of new tissue and healthy skin; protects skin against inflammation, redness and sunburn; heals acne and reduces appearance of scars; nourishes and repairs the epidermis cells of dry and damaged skin.

Grapefruit extract ~ high in antioxidants and bioflavonoids; acts as a natural preservative for cosmetics.

Vitamin E ~ high antioxidant content; protects from sun exposure; helps skin maintain a youthful appearance; helps heal scars; restorative skin properties; moisturizing.

Lavender essential oil ~ reduces inflammation such as in the case of acne and other skin conditions; soothing and healing; tones the skin.

Palmarosa essential oil ~ hydrates and nourishes the skin; helps balance sebum production; reputed to stimulate cell regeneration; astringent and antiseptic; beneficial to all skin types.

Geranium essential oil ~ balances the production of sebum; useful in all skin types.

German chamomile essential oil ~ acts as a local vasoconstrictor, reducing the redness of cheeks due to enlarged capillaries; especially beneficial for sensitive skin; antiseptic.

Rose Otto essential oil ~ emollient and hydrating properties contribute to skin’s softness; has a tonic and astringent effect on capillaries; helps reduce redness and inflammation; use for rosacea; great for mature, dry and sensitive skin.

Neroli essential oil ~ skin rejuvenating; stimulates the growth of healthy new cells; reduces redness, inflammation and irritation; beneficial for sensitive skin, dry skin, and broken capillaries.

Helichrysum essential oil ~ calms and regenerates inflamed tissues; heals acne scars and bruises.

Sandalwood essential oil ~ soothing and cooling to the skin; moisturizes dry skin conditions; clears acne.



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"When I tried Anna's serum, it was love at first application!  I love how my skin feels instantly hydrated and it's an excellent base for my moisturizer as it is fully absorbed rather than 'sitting' on my skin.  I cannot go a day without this serum.  My skin just doesn't look and feel as good without it.  Thank you Anna for such a beautiful product."
~ Rebecca Shephard

"I absolutely love your face serum. It smells wonderful, feels wonderful on the skin and the ingredients are excellent. I use it in my morning and evening routine, and I love how beautifully moisturized and glowing it makes my skin. Thanks for making such a wonderful product."

~ Vesna Markovic

"Anna, I LOVE this face oil!  You have a customer for life.  I am very much looking forward to booking a facial with you in the near future! Thanks for creating such a beautiful, natural product.  My face and I are eternally grateful."

~ Britta Gardiner

"OMG, I love the oil!  It feels amazing and smells heavenly.  My skin is happy, happy, happy.  I just used it on my hair as well.  One pump on my wet hair and voila; dry frizzy winter hair tamed.  I absolutely LOVE your oil blend."

~ Caroline Farquhar

"It flirts with your soul."

~ Keidi Pushi

"I am a minimalist when it comes to facial products. I choose all natural always and am aware that we should only ever adorn our skin with ingredients that are edible, cause our skin soaks it in. I've been using Anna's Sensational Serum for a few months now and I truly do love it! My 14 year old daughter has taken a liking to it as well (she has sensitive skin), and I remember the first few times she used it, "mom, my skin feels so well nourished, it's glowing! And it looks like I'm wearing natural highlighter. Wow!" Its a beautiful blend of aromatic and healing herbs and essential oils, and our skin thanks you Anna! "

~ Shannon Glashan

"I absolutely love the serum.  I've been buying it for years.  I feel so lucky to have discovered the product.  I was actually buying something that was much more expensive and not nearly as good until I found out about your serum.  I've let friends sample it and they say it smells incredible.  I also find that it heals almost anything.  I have issues, everything from one eczema patch under my eye, to acne every now and then and I find that if I use your serum it actually helps clear everything up." 

~ Lesha Geletka

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