Holistic Facials ~ Skin Care the Way Nature Intended

Using the Finest of Ingredients

to Balance and Nourish

All Skin Types...


Say goodbye to harsh chemicals, neuro toxins and endocrine disruptors that have no place on your skin or anywhere in your life & say hello to the richness and rejuvenation that pure plant essences, clays from deep within the Earth, fruit enzymes, quality nut and seed oils have to offer.  Experience the many benefits for yourself and feel the difference that a botanical facial will have on the health, youthfulness, glow and radiance of your skin. 




Human Design Readings

Live Your Life in

High Definition


Discover the person you were born to be!  We each have a unique imprint in this lifetime that defines our areas of strength and challenge.  Knowing your design will help you make decisions that are right for you, uncover how you come across and occurr to others, and provide the best way for you to utilize your energy to reach your fullest and highest potential.


Belly Dance Performance
&/or Instruction for
Private Events
Bridal Showers, Goddess Gatherings, Birthday Parties and More...
Spice up your next party!  Add a blast of fun and excitement to your next event by hiring a belly dancer!  After a brief performance I teach a class.  Veils and hip scarves are provided and everyone of all ages is welcome to participate.  Laughter and enjoyment are guaranteed.

Energy Clearing Removing Blocks & Reprogramming the Subconscious

Are you ready to take your life to the next level?  Allow me to help you uncover and release the subconscious blocks that are in the way of you reaching your full potential.  Using a proven technique, we will then fill you up with new beliefs that support your dreams and make it easier for you to achieve them.

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