Scalp & Hair Care Serum Benefits & Ingredients


Sesame oil ~ deeply nourishes hair from the root; promotes new hair growth; revitalizes damaged hair; prevents dryness & dandruff.

Argan oil ~ penetrates pores of hair follicles and shaft; conditions hair; makes hair softer and silkier; adds luster and shine; enhances hair elasticity; helps to heal split ends; repairs damaged hair due to styling.

Rosemary infused oil ~ slows the appearance of grey hair; improves blood circulation; promotes hair growth and prevents dry flakes; rich in antioxidants; reputed to help make hair shine and look glossy.

Horsetail infused oil ~ rich in minerals, especially silica which helps strengthen weak, brittle, damaged hair; gives hair vitality and shine; nourishes and strengthens hair follicles; improves elasticity of hair; promotes hair growth and treats pattern baldness.

Nettle infused oil ~ rich source of vitamins and minerals, especially silica; improves shine and helps restore original hair colour; strengthens, beautifies and conditions hair; treats dandruff; encourages regrowth of hair.

Wheatgerm oil ~ rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants; beneficial for dry scalp; heals scar tissue; regenerates scalp.

Vitamin E ~ increases circulation of blood in the scalp thus stimulating hair growth; enhances texture and quality of hair; high antioxidant content prevents premature greying of hair; conditions the hair adding shine and lustre; repairs split ends.

Grapefruit extract ~ high in antioxidants and bioflavonoids; acts as a natural preservative for cosmetics.

Rosemary essential oil ~ reputed to stimulate hair growth and prevent baldness; prevents dandruff.

Tea tree essential oil ~ recommended for treatment of dandruff; reduces itching from dry scalp.

Atlas Cedarwood essential oil ~ strengthens hair growth, improves and alleviates dandruff.

Lavender essential oil ~ prevents itching and scratching of dry scalp often associated with dandruff.

Clary Sage essential oil ~ astringent and antiseptic; regulates sebum production; recommended for greasy hair and dandruff.

Sage essential oil ~ beneficial treatment for dandruff and hair loss.

Lemon essential oil ~ alleviates oily hair and reduces the need to shampoo frequently; adds the appearance of lustre & shine to hair.

Ylang Ylang essential oil ~ recommended in hair care to treat split ends.


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