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Belly Dancing for Body and Soul

The sacred art of Belly Dance shares its roots with ancient Egypt and with the Gypsies from India and the Middle East. It predates written history and many believe it originated as a traditional practice amongst women to prepare the body for birthing. It is also thought to have been a way for women to worship the divine through the body by becoming an open channel. Movement as a form of prayer was used to strengthen the feminine connection and communion with divinity. This beautiful form of exotic dance unleashes one’s personal creativity and artistic self-expression. Feeling the movements from the inside out is the ultimate passion of this art.

I am very excited to share with you what I have learned about belly dancing as it has been a monumental tool in my own personal healing journey. My love affair with this dance began in 2003. After hitting rock bottom and freeing myself from a relationship that was no longer serving me, I was able to open up to new possibilities of self-acceptance and forgiveness and work on loving myself in a way I had never done before. The discipline of this dance was a major piece of the puzzle of how I was able to turn my life around for the better. I went on to immerse myself in this practice for several years. I have taught belly dancing at I Dream Studios, Fitness One inside Dufferin Mall and Wholistic Care Center.

There are many benefits that I have personally experienced with belly dancing. You will gain a sense of empowerment and self-discovery as you move in a way that naturally enhances a woman’s femininity. You can expect to feel your real beauty as you innocently explore your natural seductive side. Deepen your bodily awareness while you get out of your head and discover the secret of how countless women experience their own unique sensual essence.

Today I perform and teach at private events such as bridal showers, goddess gatherings and birthday parties. Join me and embrace your inner Goddess.

  • Learn the basic moves

  • Experience a great workout

  • Increase your self confidence

  • Have some fun & share laughter

  • Improve your physical shape

  • Enhance your sensuality

  • Liven up your next event

See you on the dance floor ~ with flowing veils and hip scarves ~ Anna Wrona

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