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Purely Natural Perfumes

The art of perfume making is one of the oldest stories in the history of human evolution. The great mystery of aroma triggered man’s curiosity to create perfume more than 5000 years ago. Essences of herbs, spices, flowers, fruit rinds, wild grasses, tree bark and resins were used for ceremonies, medicines and for pleasure. Throughout the ages fragrances have helped people pray, heal, make love, prepare for war and death, and become inspired to create. Our olfactory sense is one of the most potent for connecting us to our subconscious states, thoughts and desires. The symphony of smell penetrates deeply into our emotions, evokes our memories, and transports us on a journey to distant places and times. Perfume joyously enhances the magic in our lives.

The 1940’s saw the emergence of synthetics in perfumery. Today's commercial perfume industry adds benzene and coal, which are petroleum products, to their blends to keep the scent lasting longer. Unfortunately, to the unbeknownst consumer, these chemicals are carcinogenic endocrine disruptors, wreaking havoc on our hormones. Today’s conventional perfume wearer is actually numbing their ability to smell over time by breathing in synthetic chemical constituents that the body does not know how to breakdown, that were created in a laboratory.

Essential oils, on the other hand, are terpenoid units, meaning the main molecules are comprised of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Human beings are made of the same elements and for this reason natural perfumes are compatible with our bodies. They provide one with the benefits of indulging in scent-sational aromas with delight being the only side effect.

My name is Anna Wrona and I am a Certified Aromatherapy Healthcare Provider or Essential Oil Therapist for short. I studied extensively under Danielle Sade at the Healing Fragrances School of Aromatic Sciences where I learned about clinical aromatherapy as well as the sacred art of blending perfumes. It is my pleasure to create perfumes that are 100% pure plant essential oils in a base of perfume grade alcohol. Treat yourself to the sweet escape that nature’s gifts have to offer.

Making perfumes is one of my favourite things to do. The intoxicating scents take me away to another time, a distant place ~ exotic, sensual and divine. The recipes come from within and are totally organic. The nose knows exactly what it likes! With a hint of intuition and a splash of creativity ~ voila ~ an essence that pleases the senses and nurtures the soul.

Signature perfume blends can be created upon request.

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