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My Healing Protocol

I got sick recently. In fact, everyone in my household did and many of my friends and their families did too. I find it interesting that in the past two years, I knew of hardly anyone who was sick, and now, within a span of a few weeks, I know of literally dozens of people who aren't feeling well. Here's the protocol I used on myself and those I was taking care of, in case it's of any use to you or your loved ones.

Vitamins and Minerals

High doses of Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Zinc, Quercetin, probiotics, trace minerals. Also sucking on lozenges and throat drops with essential oils.

Eat Clean Food

If you have an appetite, be sure to feed yourself whole foods. Plenty of fruits and vegetables, warm soup broths, dark leafy greens. Avoid processed foods, dairy and meat products as these may be too hard on the digestive tract and may take energy away from the body that it would otherwise use for healing.

Drinking Plenty of Fluids

Various hot herbal teas, lemon water with ginger and honey, fire cider, syrups (wild grape, rosehip, elderberry, etc.)

Essential Oils

Diffusing oils in every room – On Guard, Easy Air, Eucalyptus, Cardamom.

Applying oils topically – the above oils plus Melissa, Oregano and Thyme diluted along the spine, bottoms of feet and back of neck.

Ingesting essential oil through supplements (On Guard, Yarrow Pom, DDR Prime, Copaiba from doTERRA)

Gargling with tea tree for a sore throat – also adding 1 drop to a spoonful of raw honey and swallowing.

Create a roller ball with Frankincense, Lemon, Oregano, On Guard and Tea Tree and apply to pulse points several times a day.

Various Homeopathic Remedies

Depending on your specific symptoms, there are dozens of remedies to choose from and many combinations of remedies available at health food stores. Consult a trusted homeopath.

Other things I highly recommend.

Going outside every day to absorb some sunshine, 15 minutes at high noon and then watching the sun set for a few minutes over the horizon. Be sure to dress warm. I just sat on my porch and it was lovely.

Using the neti pot daily adding salt, baking soda and a little bit of iodine. Be sure to pull it into the throat in addition to allowing it to clear the sinuses.

Getting a lot of rest, napping during the day, staying in bed if need be (keeping yourself warm with plenty of blankets and layers), minimizing activity.

Taking hot baths (adding essential oils) and creating steam tents for inhaling essential oils.

Staying off of electronics as much as possible. Let the eyes and brain rest.

Think Good Thoughts

Most importantly, be grateful for your body. As difficult as this may be when everything is hurting, do your best to thank your body for its innate wisdom, for knowing exactly what to do to heal itself and maintain homeostasis. I like to think of the illness as my body’s opportunity to upgrade its DNA. I trust that I’m going to feel like a brand new human being once this has passed. And I do my best to try to relax while the healing takes its course.


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