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Radiant Skin Begins Within ~ 7 tips for Glowing Skin!

Every woman I know wants to have beautiful skin. Can you blame her? The skin is the envelope of our soul, it offers our first impression to others, and it indicates our health and youthfulness. Having been providing holistic facials for over 6 years now, the most common question I hear from my facial clients is a form of “What do you recommend that I can do or use to help my skin look better?”

Being a registered holistic nutritionist, I understand that radiant skin starts from within. It’s really an inside job! Our skin mirrors the state of our health, specifically our gut. It’s true that we are all unique beings and no two skin conditions are exactly alike, nor are their root causes. One woman has dry, flaky skin and another woman’s oil glands are overactive. One has acne, clogged pores and an uneven skin tone, while another experiences eczema patches, sun damage, rosacea and broken capillaries. It’s imperative to recognize that these are all symptoms of a deeper issue. If treating these symptoms on the surface level – from the outside in – each recommendation and protocol will be specifically tailored to each individual case.

The truth, and beauty, of our skin, is that everything that shows up on the outside is a direct reflection of something happening on the inside. You will be happy to know there are some fundamental actions, that when applied regularly and over time, will garner positive results on every woman’s skin, no matter what the initial concern and immediate symptom is. The best part is that many of these recommendations will not cost you anything and are completely free, and even fun! Let's dive in...

1. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Our skin cells perform multiple functions and they work better when plump and juicy. Sweetened drinks, concentrated fruit juices, caffeinated and carbonated beverages ought to be avoided. Pure spring water is the libation of choice. Feel free to squeeze a few drops of lemon juice to aid digestion, or add cucumber slices, mint leaves or pomegranate seeds for a little kick. Be creative to enhance the look and flavour of your water, just be sure you are drinking ample amounts of it.

2. Massage and Exercise Your Skin!

I’d like you to think of a river for a moment. One that is stagnant and still will be murky and dull. A river that is moving has clear and clean water. Our bodies and faces are the same. Many women are afraid to massage their face for fear of stretching the skin and creating wrinkles. On the contrary, stimulating facial muscles with gentle massage and movement will actually bring more oxygen rich blood to the surface which has a hugely beneficial effect. Always massage upwards and outwards for best results and use a serum for lubrication. If you want to get fancy invest in a jade roller or quartz gua sha.

3. Moisturize Regularly!

In addition to high water intake, and massage, supple skin requires nourishment from the outside in. Treat your skin to luxurious nut and seed oils and butters brimming with the botanical goodness of pure essential oils. Even skin that tends to bend towards the oily side will benefit from oils containing essential oils that help balance sebum glands, such as geranium and palmarosa. So don’t be afraid to slather on the gifts that Mother Nature bestowed upon us. Your skin will thank you.

4. Maintain your Microbiome!

As controversial as this might sound, there is plenty of recent research indicating the importance of the good bacteria that resides on the surface of our skin. They are microscopic and can be thought of as our friends. When it comes to beautiful skin, we want to keep these beneficial bugs happy and on our side. How do we do that? Easy! By not disturbing their delicate ecosystem. Harsh soaps and chemical surfactants will strip our skin of these. Avoid over washing and over exfoliating your skin in order to allow your beneficial bacteria to work their magic as your best beauty allies.

5. Keep a Happy and Healthy Gut!

Our gut has been proven to produce more serotonin (a chemical that makes us feel good) than our brain. Also, approximately 70 % of our immune system resides in the gut. This is absolutely fascinating but how can knowing this give us glowing skin? Well, since everything is connected and we are what we eat, our outer skin reflects our inner health. For sensational skin, improve your diet. Add probiotics, either in the form of high quality supplements or fermented foods, which include yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, tempeh, miso and kimchee. Practice fermenting your own food if you’re feeling adventurous. Longevity cultures around the world consume fermented foods. It’s a win-win, you’ll live longer, feel happier and look better!

6. Nature Prescription!

One of the best things we can do for our overall health is spend time in nature, away from the city and technology. Sunshine contains Vitamin D that is essential for our wellbeing on so many levels. It’s always best to obtain Vitamin D from its natural source whenever possible, just be sure to be wise by limiting exposure during peak hours. Fresh air feeds our lungs with increased oxygen. This results in cleaner blood circulating throughout the body which will reach the face, feeding the cells with nutrition from our better diet and increased water intake. Added bonus if you can get your bare feet on the earth to ground your energy and experience the myriad of benefits Earthing has to offer.

7. Increase Pleasure!

The entire makeup industry was designed to give women the look of glowing, radiant skin that naturally occurs after orgasm. Rosy cheeks, plump red lips and sultry eyes summarize the appearance of an aroused woman. We don’t necessarily need to turn to sex in order to be turned on. Many women light up by doing things they love and enjoy. For me, singing and dancing can often do the trick. Other times, I require self care in the forms of a hot bath, a massage or to read a good book just for fun. Find what lights you up and do more of that. Happiness and contentment radiates from within to give you naturally glowing skin.

And this, my friends, is a simple recipe for tapping into your natural radiance and bringing your best skin forth. It is by no means an exhaustive list as I could add several more points. It is, however, a great place to start. Let me know how you make out. I’d love to hear if these brought any value to you. Enjoy!

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