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You know your sign, now you can discover your Design!

Have you ever wished that life came with an instruction manual? Did you know that it actually does? Each one of us has a unique blueprint that is akin to an owner’s manual for the vehicle in which our consciousness resides in in this particular lifetime. Using the twenty-first century tool of re-awakening called Human Design, we can empower ourselves and the lives of our loved ones by discovering who we really are. So many people find themselves living according to other people’s agendas yet everyone has a perfect design that works in tune with everything in existence. When we live according to our own true nature, we are in accord with nature and life begins to move with flow, grace and ease.

Human Design is an extraordinarily accurate system. It is a synthesis of four ancient wisdoms, neutrino physics and the biology of the human genetic code. A pictorial representation of an individual is viewed on what is referred to as a life chart. Astrology is used to make a calculation of a snapshot of the Universe at the moment of birth. The chakra system is represented with nine centres are central to the life chart. The Kabbalah, particularly the Tree of Life, is represented in how branches, or channels, link up various energy systems within a design. The 64 hexagrams of the Chinese I-Ching have been proven to have a direct correlation to the 64 genetic codons of a human being. There is also a parallel with the sky, which is divided into 64 sections, each one representing a different gate in Human Design.

Neutrinos, travelling through