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Spring Cleaning for Your Home, Body and Soul ♡

As the seasons change, we emerge into warmer weather and begin to venture outdoors more often. It is the perfect time to clean our homes and bodies! With natural cleansing and purifying properties, certain essential oils can be a helpful part of your regular cleaning routine. Not only can essential oils be used to cleanse surfaces and purify the air, but they leave behind a pleasant aroma that will instantly make you feel refreshed and your soul feeling soothed.

In this 2 hour hands on workshop,, together we will be making an All Purpose Cleaner for your home, a Purifying Air Freshener Spray, a Luxurious Body Scrub and a Gardener’s Hand Soap. Personalize some of these products with therapeutic essential oils that you prefer.

If you are looking for natural alternatives when it comes to cleaning and freshening the air in your home, this Purifying Air Freshener Spray is the right way for you to quickly add the scent of essential oils to any room in your house. While many store-bought air fresheners contain toxins and chemicals, you can rest assured knowing that this natural product provides a safe alternative for brightening up the air you and your family breathes regularly.

The All Purpose Cleaner can be used on multiple surfaces in various rooms, such as the kitchen, bathroom and other common areas of your home. Feel good using this effective alternative to commercial cleaners. You’ll be doing the environment a favour, while keeping your family safe and adding an extra element of healing aromas to boost your health and mood.

When you spend time tending your garden, there's a good chance you will have dirt-stained, calloused skin. Yes!!! Continue to plant, till and uproot to your heart’s content, as we've got you covered with a Gardener’s Hand Soap! This is a strong and natural way to banish soil and debris that gets into the skin and under the fingernails, and restores moisture to your hands. If you have no garden of your own, surely there is someone in your life whom you can gift this incredible product to!

Finally, for your entire body we will be making a Luxurious Body Scrub which is a multi-purpose all in one product that will give you glowing and radiant skin with every application. It is heavenly! First it will exfoliate all the dead skin cells remaining from your winter hibernation. It also cleanses and moisturizes at the same time so that you will come forth renewed and ready to take on the world!

Anna and Shannon are delighted to host this workshop at the same great location as the last one – inside the lovely Wholistic Care Center at 2238 Dundas Street West, Unit #215. The date and time is Sunday, April 15th from 2-4 pm. Light snacks and refreshments will be served. The cost of this workshop is only $44 and spaces are limited. To secure your place, we ask that you send an e-transfer to and use “essential” as the password. We hope to see you there!


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