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Fun Fall Make & Take

Fall is a fantastic time of year! As the weather gets cooler we put on our long sleeves and put away our summer wardrobe. The days are getting shorter and the sunshine less intense. It’s a time to start to turn our energy inward and prepare for the winter. We’ve been busy with our harvest making delicious pear and apple jam, and using up all our home grown tomatoes, basil and other herbs. I am enjoying the warm soups that are now becoming a regular scheduled item on the stove top.

With Thanksgiving upon us many are taking stock of their blessings and counting all the people and things they are grateful for. I want you to know that I AM GRATEFUL FOR YOU and that our lives have crossed. I wonder, though, how many of you remember to be grateful for yourselves and honour the enormous contribution you make in the lives of those around you. Isn’t it time that you took some time just for you and indulge your senses in some essential oils that heal the body, mind and soul?