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Understanding Your Authority for Optimal Decision Making

Every day we make a myriad of decisions, whether big or small we are always faced with a choice. We decide what to wear, what or where to eat, who to communicate with and in what way, and on and on it goes. Sometimes our choices make a larger impact on more than just ourselves, such as where to work or live, whether to marry somebody or not. Whether deciding something small that affects our lives or tackling a larger commitment, it is imperative that we learn our unique way of ensuring that we always make the right decision for us.

Since our first breath on this earth we are taken care of by well-meaning people who have our best intentions at heart. They teach us and guide us as we grow and develop into young adults. Often times, their values and beliefs become our values and beliefs and we adopt many of their viewpoints about the environment around us. We are also influenced by countless other factors throughout our younger years. Teachers, friends, extended family, music and the media, etc. all contribute to conditioning us into who we become in this lifetime. It’s great to have the loving guidance of others as we learn about our world as long as we are encouraged to honour our own unique individuality.