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Personal Development for Kids!

Chances are that personal growth has changed your life in some way… A book you read, a video you watched, a mentor you had... We all know personal growth works, there’s no denying that! Because personal growth rewires our brains and allows us to reach our next level... But what if our brains didn’t need to be rewired, what if they could be wired right from the start - when we were KIDS! And I know if you’re a parent reading this right now you’ll feel me on this one…I’ve always been shocked that there’s never been personal growth for kids!

As a parent it isn't really that hard to believe that personal growth would: Boost your kids confidence Set them up for their entire future Get rid of their insecurities Help them get better grades in school Stop them from playing so many video games Stop them from complaining, whining and making excuses….

So when I found Caleb Maddix who just released APEX 4 Kids I was over the moon excited! At the age of 7 years old he was shy, insecure, and couldn’t even talk to someone without crying and wanting to hide behind his dads leg. Not only that but he was also addicted to video games, constantly whining, complaining and making excuses. His dad, Matt Maddix, knew something HAD to change, there was no other option. So he introduced him to something we all know works… PERSONAL GROWTH! He started paying Caleb $20 for every personal development and business book he would read… and now he has unstoppable confidence, speaks on stage in front of thousands of people, has written 9 books, and became a millionaire at just 16 years old - without having to give up his childhood! Oh ya, and personal growth replaced his addiction to video games too ;)

Personal growth is proven! It impacts so many of us adults because it successfully rewires our brain to let us live our best life. That is why Caleb decided to create something that I am beyond thrilled to share with you. Since personal growth impacted him so much as a kid he set out to solve this problem by creating APEX 4 Kids...

And what’s so cool about this is that it’s not just an amazing program and process… but it’s also a movement of tens of thousands of families around the world who are giving their kids the unfair advantage in life we all wish we had! Like I said, when I found Caleb and APEX 4 Kids I was beyond thrilled. It’s already getting thousands of families huge results and massive breakthroughs! (You’ll have to see the testimonials on the page to know what I mean!)

It's also impacted my family too. My son was having trouble focusing in school and his confidence was not where it needed to be for him to thrive in life. I have been teaching him some personal development concepts over the years but he often found these audios and books to be unrelatable and boring. In just a few short months watching his daily videos, and interacting with Caleb on facebook lives, my son has grown in leaps and bounds. He overcame his shyness and allowed me post a few videos of him on the members only facebook group....each one showing an obvious increase in his confidence. He signed himself up for morning announcements at his school. He also came up with a business idea of his own! I spent the summer helping him make tie-dye t-shirts and he had his own booth at the Wholistic Artistic Show selling them and making money!

And right now Caleb is giving your family the opportunity to join this movement at a massive discounted price. He's giving away $7 memberships in an effort to grow the movement even more. So if you’re a parent, you owe it to your family to go check this out before the discount goes away or another family takes your place.

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