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Helping Conscious People go from Feeling Stuck to Unstoppable!

Want more clarity, self-confidence, and the ability to create a life you love?

Become Empowered to Live Your Life by Design  
Hi, my name is Anna Wrona

I'm so grateful you're here! You may not know me yet but I specialize in helping conscious people overcome self-limiting beliefs and self-doubt.  Yes, even if you feel like you've tried everything before and nothing worked.

My mission is to help uncommon knowledge become common; to educate, inspire and serve by helping people reach their full potential through physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellness.

What it's Like to Work Together
Deep Life Answers
Helped me Find Love for Myself
Powerful Transformation
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"I highly recommend Anna if you are looking for those life answers that go far deeper than anything you've had before."


CNP, R.BIE, C.Iridologist

"One of the most enlightening, healing experiences I have ever had.  It felt like 15 years of therapy all right there in that 3 hour session.  I’ve never felt so properly understood.  It’s helped me to really find love for myself. 


Conscious Eating Coach

"Such a powerful transformation has taken place within me. I feel so renewed and heart wide open for this next chapter in my life!"


Sacred Sound Facilitator, Mother

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Live By Design
Let's Get Started Now
3 Keys to a Life of Ease

More than 4 hours of video/audio instruction introducing the three main Keys within the Human Design system - Profile, Authority, Type & Strategy! 

"It’s like, receiving a key to your secret door and it unlocking all these wonderful tools that reside inside us." 

Rediscover the person you were born to be so you can live your life in alignment with your purpose, make decisions that are right for you, and bring more harmony into all of your relationships.

"I am blown away at how Human Design and your counseling has shifted my mindset and my life."



"My experience of my session with Anna Wrona is absolute peace of mind, ALIVENESS and Power!"

"Feeling really, really great today!!!  Like noticeably different.  Tons of energy running home from my workout, serious adrenaline that I have not felt for years."  



"Offered such clarity into my inner self and how I relate to my environment and relationships."

"...left me feeling like I finally understood myself."

"It gave me such a deep perspective of why I do things the way I do."



"I have been able to make several big, positive changes to my business in a very synchronistic way."

"The reprogramming we did really opened up the creative flow and my receptivity."

"I feel lighter and like nothing is really a big deal."


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Holistic Facial

"The most epic facial I've ever had."

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Belly Dance Classes

"fluid hips and dancing scarves"

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Sensational Skin Serum

"I absolutely love the serum."


Energy Clearing

"I had a cathartic and powerful session with Anna...I know it'll help me moving forward more easily, to where I wish to go."

I'm Here to Support You

Whether you're looking for support, wondering if a program is right for you, or just have a question - Click the link below to book a call.

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