It's Great To Exfoliate

Benefits & Ingredients

Almond Meal ~ removes dead skin cells; nourishes and hydrates; refreshes; high in B Vitamins which support skin functions;Vitamin E helps protect & heal skin; reduces flaking; adds a youthful glow & plumpness. 

Ground Oats ~ anti-inflammatory properties safe for sensetive skin; contains saponins, a natural cleansing agent; absorbs excess oil from face; moisturizzes, soothes irritated skin; removes blackheads and dirt; brightens complexion.

Ground Lavender Flowers ~ soothes senses & nerves; antioxidant rich helps to counter environmental pollution; astringent; cleansing; relaxant.

Ground Chamomile Flowers ~ active ingredient bisabolol is anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial; lightens complexion; tightens pores; soothes & softens skin; fades age spots & acne scars; removes dead & dry skin cells; reduces puffiness around the eyes; moisturizes, cleanses, high in antioxidants.

Sprouted Flax Seeds ~ rich in Omega-3 fatty acid; high in lignans & antioxidants; anti-inflammatory; hydrating & moisturizing; balances sebum production; rejuvenates & smoothes skin; removes dead skin cells; nourishes skin; reduces wrinkles.

Sprouted Chia Seeds ~ removes oil buildup; soothing & moisturizing; rich in Omega-3 fatty acids; high in zinc (fights bacteria that causes acne); anti-inflammatory; soothing on rosacea; nourishing; strengthens cell membranes; promotes skin regeneration; removes dirt & dead skin cells.

Ground Apricot Shells - beneficial exfoliating abilities, have a clean, refreshing effect on the skin, smooths and polishes all skin types.

Jojoba Oil ~ accelerates skin's natural renewal process; softens & moisturizes; encourage skin cell repair; balances sebum production.

Cypress essential oil ~ prevents acne; helps clear away toxins & reduces oiliness; stimulates circulation by increasing blood flow causing rosy cheeks & a healthy, glowing complexion; astringent; prevents & treats rosacea;

Rosemary essential oil ~ astringent properties; mild antibiotic & disinfectant; anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial; unclogs pores & relieves skin congestion; removes deadskin cells, dirt & grime from pores; smoothes fine lines & prevents wrinkles; tightens & tones skin; minimizes large pores; reduces puffiness around the eyes & excess skin oiliness.

Palmarosa essential oil ~ anti-aging properties; hydrating; soothing & softening; regenerates skin cells; helps skin retain moisture.

Geranium essential oil ~ improves circulation; astringent; reduces wrinkles & appearance of fine lines; promotes cell growth & the rejuvenation of new cells; tones & tightens skin; anti-inflammatory; prevents skin sagging; fades scars; promotes cellular regeneration; treats acne.

Neroli essential oil ~ anti-aging benefits; prevents wrinkles & premature aging of the skin through enhanced micro circulation; astringent; tones & tightens skin; refines the complexion; balances sebum; detoxifying; calming & soothing. 

Helichrysum essential oil ~ anti-inflammatory; high in antioxidants; treats acne prone skin; prevents dehydration & cracking of the skin; helps skin retain moisture; softens skin; helps fade scars; emollient.

Sandalwood essential oil ~ tones & tightens skin; prevents sagging & aging of skin; softens, soothes skin & adds suppleness; promotes a clear complexion; prevents breakouts by cleansing pores; astringent properties; anti-inflammatory; clears chapped skin; heals scars & age spots;.


"Anna's It's Great to Exfoliate scrub really is great!  Feels great and smells great!  A divine herbal blend.  Very soft and gentle so perfect for any skin type.  A real facial treat!"   ~Agnieszka Tarnawska

"I have been using the exfoliant daily.  Love the scent of it.  I mix it with my cleanser in the shower.  It's soft and moisturizing and doesn't strip all natural oils off my face.  Overall I would say this is the best exfoliant powder I have tried."

~ Maral Duckworth

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